Katrina Wilburn-Beckhom, M.S., BCBA

Katrina Wilburn-Beckhom is the founder and Program Director of Beckhom Behavioral Consulting, LLC in Albany, Georgia. Katrina holds a Masters degree in Varying Exceptionalities from Nova Southeastern University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is currently a member of several key organizations that are dedicated to upholding the professional practice of Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism, and Early Childhood Education. These organizations include Applied Behavior Analysis International, Florida and Georgia Association of Behavior Analysts, Association of Professional Behavior Analyst, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Katrina possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of  special education, early childhood education, autism spectrum disorders, and Applied Behavior Analysis. She worked as a direct service provider and teacher before becoming a Behavior Analyst. As a Behavior Analyst Katrina has provided services in various settings using multiple delivery modalities including consultation, direct therapy, and staff and parent training. These services have occurred  in homes, schools, clinics, daycare centers, and residential treatment facilities. She has also provided training and coaching to parents using innovative telehealth technology as part of an Autism research team. 

Currently Katrina provides direct therapy to families in-home, in-clinic, and offers consultation and training services to school districts, parents, and community agencies in the Southwest Georgia and North Florida region.​

About BBC

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​Beckhom Behavioral Consulting, LLC., was established for the purpose of helping to enhance the quality of life of children and youth affected by Autism and related developmental disabilities. We aim to provide high quality educational and behavioral services that are comprehensive, individualized, and developmentally appropriate. We are dedicated to utilizing approaches that are best practice and research driven. We believe the best way to accomplish this mission is to work within the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis. We strongly believe that a child's needs cannot be met by providing treatment in isolation and therefore pride ourselves on forging collaborative partnerships with families, schools, and communities whom have vested interest in improving the lives of the children and youth we serve.


Beckhom Behavioral Consulting believes:

  • With the right supports and opportunities, All children can learn 
  • There are unique learning advantages that exist in early childhood, therefore early intervention is essential 
  • Learning is a lifelong experience, so its never too late to start treatment
  • Treatment advice should be derived from scientifically sound research
  • Recommendations should be relevant and fit the unique needs of each family, child, and/or community being served 
  • Communication and decision-making should be a collaborative effort between all parties involved​